These dedicated and hopeful Orphanages have accepted to take part of the project. We were lucky to meet them for a long period of time, all with the common denominator: Dreams, Hopes and Love . All the Kids and Dreams that are present on these website are part of these Orphanages. This page is dedicated to bring on the spotlight all these individuals that fight everyday to support these kids and make them realize their dreams!
Feel free to Contact Us if your Orphanage would like to participate to the project and help them directly. If you want to know more about it, please visit our Project Page. We embrace the opportunity to meet you and share your children hopes and dreams. You can also contact them directly to help them. You will find their contact information bellow. It’s up to you now!
Created in 2010 by Aristide Zinsou, JCM Togo (Togolese Catholic Youth in Movement) is a NGO devoted to the care of disadvantaged children in rural areas of Togo.

Aristide, a very optimistic and enterprising man of many talents strived to open his own Orphanage, with the help of his mother, which will be later the home of 11 infants abandoned by their parents sometimes at the very beginning of their lives and trying to survive in the streets. Little by little, they could learn to smile again, have the chance to study and find a place they can call “Home” in Le Bon Samaritain Orphanage.

Along with a small team, JCM Togo work hard to provide a good education and future to these kids. I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to met them. They welcomed me with all their heart and smiles.

If you would like to volunteer with them, donate directly to them, or take part in any of their projects, please visit their great Website: JCM TOGO or their Facebook page.

The Shrijanshil Orphanage (meaning Hope and Moving Forward) was created in 2011 by Shushila Bhattarai who take care of the growth of 11 Children.

Shushila and her husband work very hard to support and provide schooling for these children. They all go to school in the village of Bacchauli which lies near the Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal, known for its Rhinoceros and wild Elephants. Children all come from different parts of Nepal and have difficult stories, yet they are all filled with love and honesty. Thanks to volunteers and the beautiful work of Shushila, children have a good level of education and speak good english.

If you would like to volunteer with them, donate directly to them, or take part in any of their projects, please visit their great Website: Nepal Shrijanshil Children Protection Center or visit their Facebook Page.

Founded in 1997 by Ibu Jasintha Adjon, the Panti Ashuan Pelangi (Rainbow Orphanage) is a structure that is located in the far east of Indonesia, in Weibalun in Flores Island.

It is all alone that Ms. Jasintha created this orphanage that takes care of 24 children aged 7 to 20 years old. That’s not counting with the help of the whole village and her very supportive family. The children all go to schools or to high schools nearby. The challenge for this very brave and dynamic lady is to support these children and especially support them to continue their studies.Tuition fees are indeed very expensive in Indonesia.

This orphanage is in a remote area and don’t have a website yet. If you want to help them as a volunteer, help Financially, or participate in their projects, you can Contact Us.


The Mary Queen  of Peace Orphanage was established 4 years ago and takes care of 22 children. Some of them also live with families who have chosen to help these lovely children.

The admirable woman behind the orphanage was Mrs. Antoinette Amados,   affectionately called “The Servant” by the children. She worked with all her energy to help children to give them the happy childhood that she did not get the chance to have. Her passion and devotion were admirable. Unfortunately, the disease won Madame Antoinette who left this world in 2014. They are still passionate people who took over and help the development of these wonderful children.

This orphanage website is not active anymore. If you want to Volunteer, Donate Their directly, or help their projects, you can visit their Facebook Page.

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Want to follow the project? Subscribe by telling us your email address in the box below.