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More than 153 million children worldwide have been orphaned, including 71 million living in Asia. It is more than the population of the France and Germany combined!

This figure is increasing at a frightening pace… Among these children, often abandoned at a very young age, many are victims of human trafficking, forced prostitution or child abuse.

For the luckiest of them, they are rescued by orphanages or by families who have decided to help. However, the vast majority of these children are left behind and trying to survive in the street…

Every 15 seconds, HIV kills a father or a mother. It means 4 parents since you started to read this page!


90% of local support organizations for orphans are composed by very small NGOs struggling to survive or disappearing due to lack of visibility and donations.

When our project founder Marc met some Orphanages in Africa, it was heart-rending to see the difference between the financial resources that foreign organizations have compared to smallest local structures.

International NGOs have much more visibility than local structures and have considerable support from donors and international governments. Conversely, small local structures are often in rural and remote areas and are therefore more suited to local needs in these areas. Unfortunately, because they don’t have a website or have with a very limited reach, they are invisible and are not receiving enough donations, yet vital resources for their subsistence.

As a consequence, they can’t effectively support children when they reach 16+ years old. They have then to find their path and a way to live on their own which is often an hard task for them with limited support. Many of them go back the to streets or live in poor conditions.

His reflection was therefore focused on how to help these kids to find their path and give more visibility to these orphanages?


Help children to express their dreams and strengthen local Orphanages by giving them more visibility.

Help the Kids express their dreams and plan their personal life project

Give visibility to their local orphanages and increase their level of support

Assist the Kids in their growth and help them to realize their dreams

By helping these children to express their dreams and plan for their future. We aim to give them the tools to create opportunities and take hands on their own destiny. We share their stories and dreams with you to give them a voice and more visibility to the great work of their orphanage so they can get more support and thus, have more resources to contribute actively to their growth and education.

All of this can only be possible because of the support we receive from people like you. By supporting the project actively and lifting things up with generous donations, you allow us to help these kids in their journey and make a difference.


Since 2013, our project has worked with 7 orphanages in 5 countries in Africa: Togo, and Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, The Philippines. In red on this map, the places were the project is still active.

There are several ways to participate in the Kids and Dreams project. Remember that all positive intentions are welcome and that every action counts:

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Want to follow the project? Subscribe by telling us your email address in the box below.